Email Management

Several hundred million emails are sent on a daily basis – and it feels like most of them end up in your inbox. Truth be told, you have more than a handful of emails in your inbox right now… don’t you? At Mise En Place, we train you how to use and manage your email.

Is your Inbox overflowing?Email is easy to create, is wonderfully fast, and can be copied and shared quickly. It doesn’t take up space and has few limitations on how far and wide it can travel. Yet, an email can last forever and its constant delivery slows us down. Multiple copies of the same information drive us to distraction and our inbox piles up. Email is wasting our time… Ironic isn’t it?

Email technology was designed to make you more productive yet being overloaded with emails has become counter-productive. What happened along the way? Why is your inbox overflowing? Why do you keep getting messages that your email has reached its limits? Why do you groan every morning when you open your email? Why are you struggling to manage so much information? Why are you willing to continue to suffer from email overload?

Think about how you use emailHave you ever thought how you use email all of the time, yet you’ve never been trained on how to use it? Well, you aren’t alone. Stop feeling frustrated that your email is out of control. Stop feeling guilty that you haven’t read everything that has landed in your in box. Stop being annoyed every time your email pings announcing yet another arrival for your attention. Stop feeling like all you do every day is react to emails without ever having the time to do your work. It’s time to take control of your email! That’s exactly what Mise En Place can help you and your team do – manage your email so it doesn’t manage you.

Ready to manage your inbox instead of it managing you? Our Escape the Email Vortex Workshop will show you the tips and trick you will need to do just that. You can start today! Join us for a webinar or have an in-house presentation, the choice is yours. Isn’t it time that you put the best practices of email management to work for you?

“I am a fan of anyone who has organizational skills and a gift for teaching them to others. Ann Michael is one of those special individuals. Her systems and processes make sense and are easy to implement. With her as my guide, my inbox was given a much needed overhaul in two very productive hours.

After our private coaching session (where she took over the controls of my computer and got things done with me – brilliant!), I stayed on my computer for the rest of the afternoon, processing over 500 emails. I have gone from starring at a screen of endless emails to an inbox that is almost empty daily. Emails are now filed properly and I have a new way of handling the daily influx. Her motivation, knowledge, confidence and keen wit were just what I needed. I would recommend her services to any busy professional who needs a coach who is focused on results and brings a generous and kind spirit to the work at hand.”

~ Mary Lou Andre
Founder & President
Organization By Design, Inc.