10 Reasons You Can’t Get Organized – and How to Stop Doing Them Now

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Feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t get it together? You’re not alone. We don’t teach people how to get organized, and much of the advice out there does more harm than good.

Let’s talk about what gets in your way to being organized.

1. Believing you have to throw it all away.
The number one question I’m asked is: “Do I have to throw things away?” NO! It isn’t about how much stuff you get rid of. Yet, once you have a process, you might!

2. The endless pursuit of perfection.
Being perfect or being neat all of the time might sound nice, but it’s not a reality. Walk into my office any time, and you are bound to shake your head in dismay. When in the middle of a project, what I need is scattered across the desk. The difference is, once I’m done, I can quickly and easily reset.

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3. Everything should be paperless, right?
While it’s easier to do this thanks to technology, it is about balance. Does it make sense to spend time scanning paper files, or would you be better off doing an annual file clean-out?

4. Gadgets & Apps.
There a million free and inexpensive apps and gadgets available that promise to keep you on track. But just like the forgotten exercise bike in the corner, on its own it’s useless. You need a process that can benefit from these tools—not just the tool itself.

5. Mastering multitasking
Contrary to popular belief, multitasking slows you down – functional MRIs prove this. When you multitask, it takes longer to complete tasks than if you did one thing at a time.


6. Saying “yes” all of the time
If we say yes 100% of the time, what happens? We don’t have time to get our work done. “No” is one of my favorite words.

7. Sacrificing sleep
Sleep loss impairs judgment, has health consequences and causes eight other serious issues. I see another post on this topic!

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8. Getting everything done
The 80/20 Principle says that 20% of your effort will give you 80% of your results. Prioritize and do what is most important.

9. Managing time
There is a multi-billion-dollar industry out there telling you that you can manage time, and I’m here to say that you can’t, period.  What you can control are your priorities.

10. Using a canned process.
Customization is key. Just because it worked for your mother, best friend, or colleague doesn’t mean it will work for you.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty about being disorganized. Ready to take a leap and get started?

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