Team Assessment Score Analysis 39-80

Need some helpThank you for filling out the Team Assessment and for taking the time to reflect on the issues and areas that are causing disorganization for you at work. Based on your results Mise En Place recommendations the following next steps:

Score: 39 – 80

You and your team are in that limbo space – not good, yet not quite painful enough to be bad. Now is the time to take action before things get worse! Seriously, now is the time to take action. Mise En Place recommends that you take the following steps with the first item being of utmost importance:

The GO System® Workshop – offered in-house or virtually

  • A proven course that helps you become more focused, organized and productive and will help you significantly improve workplace results. This workshop is a game changer, hands down.

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You are at the point where if you don’t take action, things will get worse. The average employee wastes 240 hours per year dealing with disorganization. Now multiply that by the average hourly rate of your employees. Now multiply that number by the number of employees on your team. Can you continue to afford that cost of lost productivity year after year after year? Seriously, can you?

Mise En Place offers a combination of solutions to improve workplace results. A Mise En Place Professional Organizer will contact you within 24 business hours for a complementary strategy session to discuss your assessment and next steps. We look forward to talking with you.