Team Assessment Score Analysis 81-105

Thank you for filling out the Team Assessment and for taking the time to reflect on the issues and areas that are causing disorganization for you at work. Based on your results Mise En Place recommendations the following next steps:

Score: 81 – 105:

Great job!Congratulations! Your team is doing a great job so don’t be too hard on yourself or on them. Remember being organized and productive isn’t about being perfect, being in total control or micro-managing. Chances are you or various individuals may need to tweak a few things here and there. The key to improving productivity and organization in the workplace is to find the solutions for individuals who may have specific issues. Here are some thoughts:

Struggling with email? Mise En Place offers several options:

Struggling with paper? Mise En Place offers several options:

For members of your team that work from home, consider:

As you reflect on these options, think about how your team members would best be served with this information and support. Who is self motivated – could they attend a webinar or class and implement on their own? Who would work better with support and someone to answer questions as you go? Mise En Place offers a combination of solutions to improve workplace results. A Mise En Place Professional Organizer will contact you within 24 business hours for a complementary strategy session to discuss your assessment and next steps. We look forward to talking with you. In the meantime, keep up the good work!