Books Co-Authored by Ann Michael Henry

Insights on Productivity: Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace

Insights on ProductivityThe F Scale is used by meteorologists to rate tornado intensity. An F5 tornado is as bad as it gets… very devastating! There is no similar rating system for workplace intensity. However, many people are sucked into a vortex of chaos the moment they show up for work every day. They are, in effect, experiencing F5 workdays. Interestingly, there are still people among us who are not blown around by the winds of chaos.

Regardless of the external workplace conditions, these people remain remarkable focused, organized and highly productive. Good News; the ideas in this book will help you learn how they do it… just in case you want to do it too. $15.95 + S&H

Focus Organization Productivity: Ideas for Improving Success in the Workplace

Focus Organization ProductivityHighly focused, organized and productive people have 86,000 seconds to work with each day. Unfocused, disorganized and unproductive people have the exact same amount of time. How strange? Something other than time must be making a difference i the lives of these very different groups of people.

If you are interested in what is making a difference…allocate some of your 86,400 seconds to reading this book! Stop trying to get the most out of life and learn to get the best out of life!
$12.95 + S&H


Exploring Productivity: Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace

Exploring ProductivityThe 24 authors of this book have one thing in common…they all teach others how to become more focused, organized and productive. After teaching a topic for several years, you typically find certain ideas qualify as just plain common sense. Common sense ideas, in turn, also have something in common. They are simple to understand, practical, easy to implement and they work!

Exploring Productivity is a collection of ideas written by members of the Network for Productivity Excellence. Enjoy your journey through this collection of common sense ideas shared by seasoned experts.
$12.95 + S&H