Brain Noise

Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t seem to turn your brain off? The day is moving so fast, there is a lot going on and the noise in your head isn’t letting up? You start your day getting the children off to school, you arrive at work greeted by a barrage of incoming emails, then it’s off to a meeting, followed by a client presentation, then back to the office for a second barrage of emails, then the phone rings, and people walk in your office – your head is spinning. Before your know it, it’s time to dash out the door to get the kids to their evening activities, fix dinner and maybe get some laundry done. Whew . . .

By the time dinner is done and the kids are settling in to do their homework you are exhausted yet your brain just keeps jawing at you. It’s time to turn that chatter in your head off.  While that may be easier said than done, here are some strategies that work:

  • Distract yourself
    • Read a book
    • Write – in a journal or send a card to a friend
    • Turn on some music and dance
    • Call a friend
  • meditate,relax,pamper yourslefChange your environment
    • Get outside – go for a walk or a run
    • Do some yard work – putter and pull some weeds
    • Head to the health club and do that workout you’ve been avoiding
  • Pamper yourself
    • Sit in silence – listen to the silence
    • Soak in the tub – add Epsom salt (try lavender scented Epsom salt or light a lavender candle)
    • Meditate

Some of you reading this will remember the days when we first started using computers at work. It was an exciting time! Yet, remember when all of a sudden your computer would freeze up and you couldn’t make any progress? Your productivity came to a screeching halt. Take a lesson from that computer. Chances are there was too much going on, too much “noise” and so it sought out the calm, it needed to quiet itself before it could productive again so that you could drill through your to-do list. Let your brain calm down and just like that computer your productivity and focus will improve and you’ll be better able to tackle your to-dos. Now . . . relax.