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Is There a Realistic Way to Balance Email and Productivity?

If you’re overwhelmed by email, can you find a balance between checking email and productivity? This article offers some tips to get you started, The realistic way to balance productivity and checking your email

Need a Boost in Your Email Productivity?

This is an interesting take on boosting your email productivity. Read the full article from, 5 Ways to Boost Your Email Productivity Today. Which one – or more – of these 5 tips appeals to you?

I Dare You to Disconnect!

Recently a friend shared an article on Facebook — the gist of which was a challenge to disconnect for 100 days — turn off all electronic devices that connect you to the outside world. Several people had commented that this would be a hard challenge, that they couldn’t live without email, Facebook, Twitter, texting and

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7 Email Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity

7 great email tips that will boost your productivity. Which one are you going to try today? Take a look.

5 Email Habits That Can Destroy Your Productivity

Which one – or more – of these 5 email habits are destroying your productivity?

Email Productivity Secrets That Will Get Your Life Back

I just read this article with excellent tips so that you can take control of your email – 9 Email Productivity Secrets That Will Get Your Life Back. Number 5 & 8 are two of my favorites.  Which ones do you think you could implement to tame your Inbox?

Cleaning Up Email Conversations

A new feature in Outlook 2010 is the Conversation Clean Up tool. It will delete messages from a “conversation” while preserving all of the information. Outlook is smart – it can check whether a later message contains the text of an earlier message – and then it deletes the earlier messages (which have the repetitive

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Turn OFF The “Floating” Email Notification

You know that crazy “you-have-an-e-mail-and-should-look-at-it-right-now” box that hovers on your screen — teasing you to break away from your work? Just turn it off. It’s easy to do, you just have to know where to look! In Outlook 2010 and 2007, go to File, Options, and under Mail, in the Message Arrival section, uncheck the

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Interesting Email Statistics

Numbers talk to me, they tell a story. As I read through this article I find so many interesting points about human behavior – what motivates us, what we find interesting, what the future will bring. While I first used email at work in the mid-80s, it was fun to learn that the first email

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Subject Line Email Messages

If you’re looking for ways to save time with email, try using “Subject Line Messages.” For example, if you have a short message, like “Confirming 2pm meeting” or “I’ll call you at 2pm”, instead of writing out a whole email message, just put the message in the subject line with “eom” at the end. “eom”

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