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Outlook: Delete Bad Addresses

Have you ever sent an email to the right person, but it went to the wrong e-mail address? Or perhaps you actually sent an e-mail to someone you didn’t intend to because Outlook tried to “help” you? When you create a new e-mail note in Outlook and start typing the contact’s name or address, the

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Are Your Habits Impacting Your Productivity?

With our son home from college we find ourselves occasionally jockeying cars to accommodate schedules and various spring time projects around the house. A few weeks ago I had to use my husband’s car. While doing so, I found myself laughing several times and here’s why: I tried turning the volume up on the radio

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Out of Control Email Impacts Your Productivity!

Not long ago I met a someone who had over 20,000 emails in their in-box! When I asked why, there wasn’t a reason. Rather, it simply was lack of time. They received too many e-mails. They felt compelled to hold on to everything as a “just in case”. The emails would get responded to but

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