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Preview Screens

Preview Screens aren’t just for emails! Did you know that you can use the preview screen when looking for a Word document, an Excel Spreadsheet, a PowerPoint Presentation and more? Check out the latest video on Preview Screens!

I Dare You to Disconnect!

Recently a friend shared an article on Facebook — the gist of which was a challenge to disconnect for 100 days — turn off all electronic devices that connect you to the outside world. Several people had commented that this would be a hard challenge, that they couldn’t live without email, Facebook, Twitter, texting and

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Multiple Paragraphs in One Cell

A quick tip for jazzing up your content in Excel – how to make a lot of information in a cell easier to read. Check out the video!

Number the Rows in a Word Table

Ever need to number rows in a Word Table? Check out this video for a quick and easy way to do just that!


If you had seen me the other day walking back up the driveway after getting the mail you probably would’ve been scratching your head and thinking “what’s up with her?” You see, in the mail was our daughter’s first college acceptance letter and it happened to be from her top choice school. It was definitely

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Reasons to Stop Multitasking Now!

Multitasking slows you down, leads to mistakes, and stresses you out & more.

Make a List!

Generally I tell people that “list” is a four letter word! I find that when people look at a list all they see are the things that they did not get to today. Over the years I’ve had numerous clients and workshop attendees express their frustration with their inability to get the things done that

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Can Organizing Like A Chef Help You?

NPR did a great piece on how the executive chef’s philosophy of Mise En Place can be applied to the workplace. 

First 10 Minutes of The Day – Some Thoughts

When I started my Professional Organizing business many years ago I named it Mise En Place! As a foodie who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen and benefits from the Mise En Place strategy my thought was to take this philosophy and apply it to the work place.

Even Mother Nature Organizes!

Just the other day in our neighborhood we heard the sound of dueling wood chippers. Neighbors next door and across the street each lost trees recently. Actually, we have had a summer of falling trees. The first one, which blocked off the entrance to our cul-de-sac, happened about six weeks ago when a brief, yet

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