The Cost of Disorganization Webinar

You already know you’re frustrated because you can’t get everything done.

cost-going-upYou are tired of your office feeling so chaotic.

You are tired of not being able to find the information you need when you need it.

You know this already … you live it every day.

Yet, do you know what this disorganization is costing you and your business? Isn’t it time that you figured that out?

That’s exactly what will do during this webinar: determine what disorganization is costing you.  We will have a lively and stimulating look at the staggering cost of disorganization and how it is negatively impacting your bottom line and so much more.

The Cost of Disorganization
Complimentary Webinar/Teleclass
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“I took an hour out of my busy work day to attend a webinar. As “convenient” as these events are, I’ve found many of them to be an hour long sales pitch as to why I should spend more money with the particular company offering the “free” webinar.

This as ABSOLUTELY not the case with the “Cost of Disorganization” webinar by Ann Michael Henry. It was a free seminar that brought TRUE value to my life and business! I am planning on attending her E-Mail Management webinar, which is a webinar with a cost attached to it, but I got enough out of the webinar today to realize that spending some money to glean more information and REAL tools from Ann Michael is well worth the very reasonable cost of the webinar.

Ann Michael, I’m glad I found you! I will learn…AND USE the the information you gave me today!”

Denise Davis