Do you ever create Word documents that have content of a repetitive nature? If you seem to be typing the same or similar content on a regular basis and in different types of documents, you can use Quick Parts to save some time.

In Word 2010 & 2013, Quick Parts is a feature that lets you save all, or pieces of a document, that you use regularly. It can contain text, images, tables, etc … most anything you can put in a normal document.

  • quick partTo set up your Quick Part, type the content in a document that you want to save. It can create text, images, tables, etc…
  • Highlight the content you want to save to be able to insert into future documents.
  • Go to the Insert tab, and on the Text section, click the Quick Part button and drop down to Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.
  • Name the Quick Part so that you can identify it later and provide a description.
  • You can even add new categories. This will help you in the future to find your Quick Part if you have created several.
  • Click OK to save it.

To use the Quick Part in an document in the future:

  • In a Word document, put your cursor in the text area where you want the content to be added.
  • Go to the Insert tab and choose Quick Parts. Select the template that you created and the content will be pasted into your document.

How many things can you use Quick Part for?