We help our clients sort out their electronic world and efficiently
manage e-documents.

Working together, we develop a system that allows them to find what they need quickly, simply, and without stress. The challenge is managing internal as well as external data… Rest assured, we can help.

“What did I call that document?” “Where did I file it?” “Why can’t I find it?”

Sound familiar? We thought technology would make it easier for us to find our information. Instead, we have a severe case of information pollution. In fact, many of us would likely qualify for ‘digital dump site clean-up funding’ if such a thing existed!

Chances are, you are spending as much time looking through your digital data (slogging through your digital dump site) as you are looking through piles of paper in search of that suddenly critical document. It’s as exasperating and time-consuming as looking for the paper you filed, stacked, or stuffed away.

It’s so much more than ‘where did I put that document?’

  • There’s the screen on your computer. That wonderful picture you purposely put there to provide enjoyment has broken out in a blizzard of multicolored, pixilated blobs, which obscure your view and adds to your frustration.
  • Or perhaps your computer seems to be a little sluggish? When was the last time that you deleted your temporary files?
  • Do you have more than one copy of a document? Why?
  • What about different versions of the same document?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to combine your emails with the rest of your information – Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations – so that related information is all in one place?
  • What about all of those bookmarks

“Stress and frustration levels dropped as time was no longer being wasted looking for information. Prior to the implementation of this strategy, it was not uncommon to recall volumes of boxes in an attempt to locate necessary documents; today, they call back the box or boxes needed. Lastly, moving documents through their life cycle and maintaining records retention guidelines is a significantly smoother process, one that can be easily maintained and managed by administrative support staff allowing the tax professional the ability to focus on their area of expertise.”

Margaret Regan, Director of Tax and Compliance, Bausch & Lomb

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