Thursday’s Tips: Excel

Thursday’s Tips – Complimentary Webinar: Excel

excelIf you missed the Thursday’s Tips  presentation which featured tips for using Microsoft Excel, you can access the resources here. Below is the handout that walks you through, step-by-step the tips that were demonstrated during the webinar. A link to the recording will be posted later if you were not able to attend the presentation live.

Click here to download the handout (PDF format)

Click here to watch the presentation, it will open in your media player
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NOTE: 1) If you have not used GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar before, and receive an error saying that you need to download the little piece of software called a “codec”, go to this page for that download . 2) GotoWebinar platform records the webinar in a Windows Media Player format (.wmv). If the video doesn’t open (give it a minute as it has to download), this means that you may not have a Windows Media Player on your computer. This software is usually the default media player on most computers with Windows, unless you have deleted it, or made a different player your default – or if you have a Mac. Here is a link to download the player directly from Windows if you do not have it: