Find it Fast with Windows Search

Do you often forget where you saved a document on your computer and need help finding it? A lot of time can be wasted searching for files.

To find a document that you have saved in Windows 7:

  • Use windows searchOpen Windows Explorer by clicking on the folder icon in your tool bar (or hit the Windows key along with the W key).
  • lowest level folder you think the file could be in to narrow your search quickly. Or, if you have no idea where the file is saved, highlight the My Documents folder.
  • In the Search Box located in the upper right window, type a key word or phrase. TIP: Try to think of something that is specific to the document, not a very general term. It can be the document name (or part of it) or a word / phrase that is in the document.
  • Your results will be displayed instantly. If the file you want is not displayed, you can use one of the several search filters to help find your document.
  • Click in the search box and a dro p down section will be displayed. With your search term in the box, click on any of the 4 options to help zero in on your lost document: Author, Type (like a Word or Excel file), Date modified or Size.

If you have Windows XP you can find the search option by going to the Start menu and in the right column select Search. The Search window will open giving you the varied document search options.