Get Organized and Get More Out of Life

As you read this I have just returned from sunny Southern California. Our daughter applied for and was accepted into a program run by the Girl Scouts of America called “Destinations”. They offer a variety of travel and expedition options to venues around the world. So, two weeks ago our daughter spent last week camping on the Channel Islands off the coast of Los Angeles. The program also included hiking, kayaking and swimming with the dolphins.

Last week I flew out to Los Angeles to meet her for a little mother-daughter time and to attend a wedding in San Diego. We played for a couple of days in LA, then drove down Highway #1 and spent time on Coronado beach hanging with friends and enjoying a beautiful wedding. Good times!

In his book, Chasing Daylight; How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life, Eugene O’Kelly former CEO of KPMG talks about the last 100 days of his life and how they were the best days of his life. In the Spring of 2005 Gene was diagnosed with three golf-ball-sized tumors in his brain and was told that he would pass by the end of that year. He spent the final hundred days with friends and family, saying good-bye and writing a book about the entire process. The book was supposed to be inspirational; quite frankly I found it profoundly sad.

Unfortunately, most of us will never know when the last hundred days of our life will be. Not only that, why wait for the last hundred days to be your best days? Why can’t today be one of your best days? Or tomorrow? Or maybe it was that beautiful winter day skiing with your family, ordering out a pizza after your final run on the slopes, and playing UNO in front of a roaring fire. Why wait?

So, what would be a “best” day for you? I’m sure that you’ve already had several — the day you got married, the birth of your children, landing the dream job, a great vacation, the day you got divorced, etc. Best days are as unique as snowflakes and they are ours to create or at least influence.

Life is about living, it’s not about our job or title, it’s about living out what our life work should be. So, stop fussing about not being organized and how it’s preventing you from doing what you want to be doing. Bite the bullet, take the time, invest in support if you need to. Then, go ahead, grab those best hundred days and then go for a hundred more and a hundred more after that. Why settle for just one hundred like Gene did?