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Yes!  I’m ready to calm the chaos and make time for life!

Clear the Clutter (2 Hour Session)

post_it_notesIt’s time to clear the clutter and get your desk under control.

Tired of not having enough room on your desk to work?

Tired of not being able to find that scrap of paper or sticky note that you wrote that tidbit of information on?

Tired of not knowing what you need to do next?

Tired of the visual clutter?

Tired that your office just looks messy and doesn’t reflect your level of professionalism?

Do you need help clearing the clutter in your life?

Whether you answered yes once or all five times, you are ready to make a change!

During the two hours of working with you one-on-one in person, we will return a sense of calm to your office. Working desktop down, we’ll use new tools and strategies that will help you clear the clutter and gain confidence in your ability to work your top priorities with ease.

After working together here is how sitting down at your desk will feel to you:

  • Order, calm, everything in it’s place – and you can find what you need
  • You will know what to start on first, no more scrambling or guessing
  • Clarity about your daily priorities – crystal clear
  • A clean desk with space to get your work done
  • No more cherry picking from a to-do list ending busyness for the sake of being busy
  • Eliminate low-priority tasks
  • Improved follow-up

Can you feel the difference?

Total Package: $497

GO Graduate Package: $375

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