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At Mise En Place, we improve productivity and organization in the workplace. Through the implementation of strategic skills and practices, we organize and prioritize your workload and create efficiencies in your work environment. The end result? Employees can effectively execute their goals and objectives and will have the clarity to focus on key revenue generating activities.

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Mise En Place offers a number of in-house or virtual workshops including:

  • The GO System
    Tried every course or tip out there to get a better grasp on managing time? Frustrated with your inability to do so? Good! You can’t manage time, it’s impossible. What you can manage is your workload and that is where The GO System® differentiates itself. See more here…
  • Escape the Email Vortex
    Designed for those Outlook users with more than a screen full of emails in their inbox. Yes, chances are that is you! And rest assured, you aren’t alone. We’ve encountered people with hundreds or thousands and even over 100,000 emails! Outlook is a great productivity tool. If it’s not feeling like one to you, then it’s time to make a change. See the details…
  • 10 Myths That Mess You Up
    A fun and enlightening presentation about what may be tripping you up during your many attempts to get organized. Just because you haven’t succeeded, doesn’t mean you can’t. So stop feeling guilty, take a moment to chuckle at your attempts and relax about your disorganization. It’s not worth the stress. Read more…


  • Network for Productivity Excellence (founding member) – A network of independent business owners and corporate executives dedicated to researching, developing and sharing practical ideas related to improving the focus, organization and productivity of employees in companies of all sizes.
  • Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) – a prestigious NAPO member designation for professional organizers with 5 or more years of experience
  • Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES) – The Productive Environment Institute trains and certifies productivity consultants to deliver Barbara Hemphill’s Productive Environment Solution™ to individuals, small business owners, and corporate clients. This program provides a methodology that measures success – you see the results and so does your bottom line.
  • Certified GO System Trainer – The GO System was developed as a result of years of research and training conducted by Chris Crouch on the topics of improving focus, organization and productivity. His original research included the traditional literature on personal organizing, human productivity and human behavior in general, but quickly moved to psychology, physiology, anatomy, sociology, philosophy, neurology, mythology, religion, quantum physics and other areas of knowledge typically not thought of as having to do with productivity skills. Many of the ideas for the GO System were found in these seemingly unrelated sources. Chris has spent years researching this material and developing the absolute best practices and ideas for improving workplace productivity.
  • Member of the National Speakers Association

Co-Author of:

  • Focus Organization Productivity: Ideas for Improving Success in the Workplace
  • Exploring Productivity: Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace
  • Insights on Productivity: Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace

Books on Productivity

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Mise En Place Capabilities Statement