How “Chunking” Tasks Increases Productivity

Nineteen returns! Now, if we were talking football and those were 19 returns for touch downs, that would be incredible, especially if it happened in one game. Goodness, most teams would be thrilled with that stat for the entire season. The record for punt returns that ended in a touchdown in a game is two and this has happened on 15 different occasions. So what do 19 returns have to do with being more organized and productive at work or at home? Find out… read on!

I’m not one that particularly enjoys shopping; I don’t know why, I just don’t. So, post back-to-school shopping I found myself with a number of returns to make. Then I found myself in need of a good closet clean out and loads of errands to run like dropping off donations to Goodwill and making stops at the consignment store. As I trying to get things done I ended up creating even more things to get done because the returns and donations piled up! Two issues here, tackling the workload – all of those returns and donations – and why was I avoiding all of this? I’ll cover the later in the next edition.

The solution? “Chunking”, or doing similar tasks together. “Chunking” allows you to get on a roll because similar tasks require similar skills. It is easier to move from task to task because little change is required – either in your work or home environment or in the process that you are using..

First, I found all of the receipts which was pretty easy since we keep them all filed by month. Next, I put all of the returns in individual bags with their respective receipts. Then, I mapped out my route for the most effective use of my time and gas. Finally, I did the returns, stopped at the consignment shop and dropped off donations all of which I was able to get done in just over 2 hours.

You can use the same strategy at work. Here are some tasks that you can “chunk”:

  • Responding to emails
  • Returning phone calls
  • Filing out forms or paperwork
  • Writing articles
  • Scheduling appointments

Take advantage of being “on a roll”, that’s how Chunking can benefit you. It will feel good to drill through a number of tasks in a smooth and effective fashion. What can you “chunk” today?