How Do You De-Stress?

Recently, a colleague posed the question, Ann Michael, how do you de-stress? Fortunately there are lots of ways to de-stress, just like there are lots of ways to get organized.

Everyone needs a solution that works for them, personally – if you aren’t a good swimmer, then you’ll be uncomfortable in a kayak; if you have a bum knee then a jog probably won’t help, and skiing won’t be an option if you expend most of your time and energy staying upright to avoid breaking a hip! In short, if all of the stacking and divider trays do nothing more than hold paper and collect dust, and the traditional way of filing results in stacking, stuffing, and spreading, well, that’s not going to help you get organized, either.

de-stressWhen it comes to de-stressing, getting and staying organized, or anything else in life, it’s all about what works for YOU.

So, how do you de-stress? Tell us. Use the comment box below and post your favorite way to de-stress. And for those of you who struggle with managing your stress, you might find some ideas here, too. I don’t need to tell you the benefits of letting go of stress – you know what they are – and from both a health and productivity perspective, letting go of stress is essential.

How will I personally de-stress today? Recently, we’ve done some major tree-trimming around the yard, so today, our son will cut-up the branches and stack them up for a fire pit, our daughter will burn-off the smaller pieces, and for dinner, the whole family is going to gather around the campfire, put hot dogs on a stick, and roast them!

Such fun!

How will you de-stress today? (tell us in the box below)