Have you ever wanted a NEW way to jazz up your documents and presentations? You’ve probably used images to add a little visual impact, but have you ever thought about using icons? You know, those tiny little pictures that add visual cues to your content. You could use these icons in reports, articles, presentations or training documents.

IconfinderIconFinder is a search engine that is focused on icons alone. To use this tool, just go to www.iconfinder.com and put in a keyword to pull up a search. You can adjust the number of icons you view at the same time, the background color and size of the search page.

TIP: Pay special attention to the drop down menu that narrows your search based on the license to use the icon. Use the “allowed for commercial use (no link required)” choice or you may be limited in the use of the graphic. Be sure to follow the licensing agreement.

If the icon you have picked belongs to a “set”, in the left column it will show you the name of the icon set — and you can click on it to view all of the icons in this group. Icon sets are designed to have the same kind of look and feel — to go together really well.