Life’s Curve Balls Impact Productivity

Every now and again, life throws us a curve ball and indeed the world pitched a hard and fast one to our family last fall. The past eight months have been filled with an incredible sense of being overwhelmed – as if we had no control over our lives – and an unbelievable journey. As we all experience Spring as we typically know it, our family is experiencing it’s own Spring. Everything in our lives is renewing, refreshing and living. Despite the trials and tribulations of the past several months, damn it, life is good and it’s good to be back!

breatheThere was a point last fall where I can honestly say that I think I know what it must feel like to be drowning. Life was so overwhelming, so out of control, so scary that I found myself on more than one occasion gasping for breath – literally gasping, mouth frantically trying to suck in the air around me. I had to consciously say to myself, “breathe…just breathe”.

Now, I sit here and marvel at the metamorphosis that has happened to us all – the inner strength that we all discovered, the resolve, the patience, the courage and the energy. Our new normal seems so natural and suits us well. The journey I would wish upon no one, the experience that was absolutely life changing.

Despite all of the chaos and tumult, the one lesson that rang true day in and day out was “focus on the top priority”. Often times I had no choice – circumstance dictated the priority of the day. It was because of this situation that focusing on the top priority every day became second nature. Yes, admittedly in the past I didn’t always focus on my top priorities, I would do other tasks just to feel a sense of accomplishment especially when that number one task was one that I didn’t enjoy and therefore, simply avoided. Sound familiar?

Not anymore. – lesson learned. Low priority, piddly tasks are just that. The benefits of focusing on the top priority far, far exceeds completing a slue of piddly tasks. As a matter of fact, the irrelevance of those low priority tasks becomes crystal clear when you are so driven or compelled to focus on what is most important. The relief, the sense of accomplishment, the stress fading away when that number one priority is completed, hands down out weighs everything else.

So what is your top priority for today? Go and get it done – don’t lose focus. Feel the stress melt away, feel the relief that it’s done and celebrate the accomplishment. Feels good doesn’t it? Now do it again tomorrow.