Easy Email

Is your Inbox overflowing?Stop being demoralized by your ever increasing inbox that has become a constant reminder of all the work that still needs to get done and how far behind you are in doing it. Email is supposed to be a great productivity tool, yet you feel like it’s quite the opposite – often draining your energy with each successive ping announcing the arrival of yet another email. Your inbox is overflowing with email – both read and unread. Yes, you have a folder system set up yet goodness knows where you put what. It seems like most days all you work on is emails. You end the day feeling like you didn’t get anything done and you have even more emails in your inbox than when you started.

Now, imagine having your email support your key priorities instead of thwarting them. Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • De-clutter your inbox – get it cleaned out and keep it that way.
  • Create one electronic filing cabinet that stores all of your digital data – email, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and more all in one place.
  • Have essential emails rise to the forefront so that you have clarity on what needs to be done – important tasks are no longer buried in a quagmire of information.
  • Better control over FYI’s, ezines and other extraneous information – information that is interesting to you yet not necessary for your priorities of the day.
  • Automatically delete dated information from all of your folders without having to go through folders one-by-one.
  • Get all of those new contacts added quickly and easily – just 3 clicks will do the trick!
  • Add all of that meeting information on your calendar where it belongs.
  • Get IT off your back for having too much in your email account.

Get your email under control and increase productivity.We will have up to four hours of working with you one-on-one, either in person or virtually, to return a sense of calm to your inbox. Imagine having the clarity to focus on your top priorities. It’s time to get started so select the option that works best for you:

“I am a fan of anyone who has organizational skills and a gift for teaching them to others. Ann Michael is one of those special individuals. Her systems and processes make sense and are easy to implement. With her as my guide, my inbox was given a much needed overhaul in two very productive hours.

After our private coaching session (where she took over the controls of my computer and got things done with me – brilliant!), I stayed on my computer for the rest of the afternoon, processing over 500 emails. I have gone from starring at a screen of endless emails to an inbox that is almost empty daily. Emails are now filed properly and I have a new way of handling the daily influx. Her motivation, knowledge, confidence and keen wit were just what I needed. I would recommend her services to any busy professional who needs a coach who is focused on results and brings a generous and kind spirit to the work at hand.”

~ Mary Lou Andre
Founder & President
Organization By Design, Inc.