Mise En Scene

Do you need help clearning the clutter in your life?How many more times are you going to mumble to yourself “I just need to get organized”? While we can provide statistic after statistic about the cost of disorganization, why not see for yourself. If you are like most busy professionals, you’re wasting one hour a day looking for information, dealing with unnecessary interruptions, trying to manage an overloaded email inbox… and more. Check out how this disorganization is impacting your finances and the bottom line. Whether you are a solo-preneur, a small business owner, or the manager of a Fortune 500 company, you can no longer afford the expense of lost productivity.

Mise En Scene is a two day one-on-one, in person or virtual, intensive session that totally resets your work environment. This program is the ultimate in getting organized – from to-dos, to paper, to email and digital data. We’ll work together to get it organized so that you can focus on getting the job done with ease. Say good bye to the stress and frustration of a disorganized work environment.

The Mise En Scene organizing intensive includes:

Step 1 – Clear the Clutter – Get Your Desk Under Control

  • Order, calm, everything in it’s place – and you can find what you need
  • You will know what to start on first, no more scrambling or guessing
  • Clarity about your daily priorities – crystal clear
  • A clean desk, space to get your work done!
  • No more cherry picking from a to-do list ending busyness for the sake of being busy
  • Eliminate low-priority tasks
  • Improved follow-up

Step 2 – Stop Stacking, Stuffing and Spreading – Get Your Paper Under Control

  • Find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds versus minutes or hours
  • Locate a document as easily as doing a Google search
  • Stop repeatedly printing documents that you know you’ve already printed
  • Never again waste time looking for that elusive document…in one of those piles
  • Keep all the paper that you want or need to keep
  • Not scan a single piece of paper unless you want to
  • Meet legal and record retention guidelines
  • Have more room on your desk

Step 3 – Easy Email – Get Your Email Under Control

  • Declutter your inbox – get it cleaned out and keep it that way
  • Create one electronic filing cabinet that stores all of your digital data – email, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and more all in one place
  • Have essential emails rise to the forefront so that you have clarity of what needs to be done – important tasks are no longer buried in a quagmire of information
  • Better control over FYI’s, ezines and other extraneous information – information that is interesting to you yet not necessary for your priorities of the day
  • Automatically delete dated information from all of your folders without having to go through folders one-by-one
  • Get all of those new contacts added quickly and easily – just 3 clicks will do the trick!
  • Add all of that meeting information on you calendar where it belongs
  • Get IT off your back for having too much in your email account

Step 4 – Digital Detox – Get Your Digital Data Under Control – A Mise En Scene Exclusive

  • PC Desktop clean up – enjoy that picture on your PC
  • Organize files and folders
  • Create an easy to use electronic finding system
  • Do you really need all those icons?
  • Create productive shortcuts
  • Maximize use of toolbars – reduce the number of clicks it takes to find what you are looking for
  • Downloads – not to your desktop, to a folder!
  • Dealing with duplicates – why do you have so many copies of the same document?
  • Maintenance strategies – tips to keep your PC humming

Increase your productivityMise En Scene is the program that exemplifies the Mise En Place philosophy. Working together your to-dos, paper, email and digital data will be cleaned up. You will know where to put all of this, how to store it and more importantly, how to find it. No more wasting valuable time. Your priorities will be clear, your workload manageable and your life reclaimed. Don’t wait another moment, it’s time to get started on your two day intensive program.