Stop Stacking Stuffing Spreading

Are your files out of control?Hands down, the most popular (and least effective) style of paper management is Stacking, Stuffing and Spreading. This is accompanied by the generally false belief that “I’m a visual person”. Look at that third pile to the right of your chair and answer the question “What’s in that pile”? Or what about the second pile to the left of your computer. Or all of the stacking trays behind you on your credenza? Just what’s in all of those piles?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you have? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to quickly and easily get your fingers on what you need when you need it without rummaging through all of those piles?

Instead of stacking, stuffing and spreading, what would it feel like to be able to:

  • Find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds versus minutes or hours
  • Locate a document as easily as doing a Google search
  • Stop repeatedly printing documents that you know you’ve already printed
  • Never again waste time looking for that elusive document…in one of those piles
  • Keep all the paper that you want or need to keep
  • Not scan a single piece of paper unless you want to
  • Meet legal and record retention guidelines
  • Have more room on your desk

The reality is, you don’t need a filing system, you need a search and retrieval system…you need a way to find what you have. Working together during our eight hour session, either in person or virtually, we will create your customized finding system. We will provide the resources that you need to succeed including:

  • Initial set of file tabs and inserts
  • File labels
  • Tickler System labels
  • Extra tab inserts and file labels
  • Success tip sheet with your pre-work/set-up details

The Mise En Place goal during our time together is to convert as many files as possible to your new finding system. Our success depends on you completing the pre-work/set-up details before we begin, getting a good night sleep (it’s a mentally exhausting, yet exhilarating day), the speed at which you work and how focused you remain. Before ending our time together, we will design a game plan for completion if one is needed and we will schedule a 30 minute follow-up call within 30 days.

Ready to get all of your paper under control? Ready to be able to find what you need quickly and easily? Then let’s get started. Mise En Place is pleased to offer serveral options for these 8-hour sessions: