We offer learning opportunities to increase your productivity.At Mise En Place, we offer a variety of learning opportunities to support you as you customize your organization and productivity solution. These learning opportunities are available in a variety of styles including in-person group sessions, teleconference or video conference formats.

Stop Feeling Guilty About Being Disorganized! 10 Myths That Mess You Up.

A fun and enlightening presentation about what may be tripping you up during your many attempts to get organized. Just because you haven’t succeeded, doesn’t mean you can’t. So stop feeling guilty, take a moment to chuckle at your attempts and relax about your disorganization. It’s not worth the stress. Read more…

Escape the Email Vortex

Designed for those Outlook users with more than a screen full of emails in their inbox. Yes, chances are that is you! And rest assured, you aren’t alone. We’ve encountered people with hundreds or thousands and even over 100,000 emails! Outlook is a great productivity tool. If it’s not feeling like one to you, then it’s time to make a change. See the details…

The GO System

Tried every course or tip out there to get a better grasp on managing time? Frustrated with your inability to do so? Good! You can’t manage time, it’s impossible. What you can manage is your workload and that is where The GO System® differentiates itself. See more here…

Grow Your Business with a Virtual Assistant

As a micro-preneur, Ann Michael Henry knows what it’s like to juggle the many hats a small business owner needs to juggle to succeed. During this presentation, Ann Michael shares her success story and how working with a Virtual Assistant contributed to that success. Read the course description.

Additional training is available based on your individual assessment or your group/team assessments. We offer customized solutions that can be incorporated into your organization and productivity success plan.