Escape the Email Vortex

Tips, Tools and Techniques to Tame Your Outlook Inbox

Drowning in email? We can help.Tired of being overwhelmed by your Outlook email? Are you using your in-box as a “to-do list”, a contact manager, a calendar, and a filing cabinet? How many emails do you have in your in-box – 100…250…500…more than 1,000? Guess what? You aren’t alone! Join, Ann Michael Henry, Professional Organizer at Mise En Place, as she walks you through great tips and strategies for dealing with your email overload in Outlook so that you can enjoy the benefits of this great tool. Ann Michael will go live with her Outlook email so you can see the magic! Learn how to control your e-mail so it doesn’t control you!

During the Workshop, we’ll cover why you ended up with this mess to begin with and you will learn the proven secrets for managing your Outlook e-mail including:

  • How to customize Outlook so that it suits your style
  • How to “dump the junk” – tips to significantly reduce spam
  • How to easily organize emails that you receive and send
    • Rules rock!
    • Conversation clean-ups
  • How to find what you are looking for
  • How to use Outlook to automate your work
    • Using signatures, Quick Parts and
  • How to improve coordinating calendars
  • How to turn Outlook into the productivity tools it is designed to be
  • Tips to improve overall performance, processing and maintenance
  • and so much more!

All participants will receive two handouts:

  • Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing Your Outlook Email, a 32+ page how-to tip sheet with step-by-step instructions and illustrations that walk you through everything that is demonstrated during this presentation.
  • Outlook Clean-up Checklist which contains a step-by-step strategy for reclaiming your overloaded Outlook in-box!

By attending the Escape the E-mail Vortex presentation, you will learn how to create and maintain a proven strategy for managing your Outlook email. You will have the ability to control your “e-mail ecosystem” instead of allowing it to control you!  Can you afford to pass up these email management tips?

Comments from the Participant Feedback Survey at a recent Escape the Email Vortex workshop at the Center for Professional Development at Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Quite a few things I learned today! Mostly regarding archiving and delay delivery, as well as organizing emails.
  • This was excellent.
  • How to save emails, how to auto archive, how to block, set rules, add comments, add to calendar, add calendar to email, add signature lines and quick parts.
  • Ann Michael did a great job showing us how to manage our emails and better utilize Outlook to make our jobs easier.
  • I need to get organized and these tips and tools will definitely help me. There were lots of functions I learned about that I had never used.
  • This training exceeded my expectations! I am looking forward to using at least 5 things I’ve learned.
  • This was a great class! It should be a required course for all employees!
  • Ann Michael is very knowledgeable in how to manage Outlook. She’s engaging and I like how she worked “live” with email to show us options and how to do them vs. just going step by step without visuals on a PowerPoint.
  • Excellent – I need to get organized, and you’ve motivated me to.

Mise En place is pleased to offer the Escape the Email Vortex workshop in the following formats:

  • Webinar Format – For this fun, interactive learning experience check out the Mise En Place Escape the Email Vortex webinar schedule.
  • Group Format – Ideal for workgroups, teams, and conference breakout sessions. Can be used as a professional development opportunity for your local, national, or international association or civic group association meetings. This option can be in-person or virtually via Webinar. Stop struggling with your Outlook email overload and schedule your workshop now.

A recent attendee of this workshop said “no one has ever taught me how to use email”. He isn’t alone. Maybe that’s what’s contributed to the overloaded situation you are finding yourself in? Isn’t it time to take back control?

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“Ann Michael, thanks for a most informative session. I had been nagged by email issues and full mailboxes. Your session and the documents helped me greatly. I now have a much better understanding of the ways to manage my Inbox. I appreciate all of the information that you shared. It has made a big difference already, in my productivity.”

~ Margi Ochs
Professor and Instructor/Lean Six Sigma
Master Black Belt
Center for Quality and Applied Statistics Room 2554
Kate Gleason School of Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Thank you so much for the session. I have an empty inbox! It wasn’t that full to begin with, and I did just relocate a few messages to folders, but I actually followed up on a few of the things that had been sitting in my inbox to do. I feel more productive already!”

~ Kira

“I don’t know how I got on your email list but I’m glad I learned about today’s webinar. I spent the afternoon putting some of your great suggestions into play and I feel so in control of my inbox that I can hardly stand myself!! I rarely give myself the time needed to do this type of learning and I wanted you to know how valuable the information is to me.”

~Mary Lou

“I just wanted to give you feedback on your techniques that you presented at the Hudson-Mohawk ASTD program. That weekend I applied your suggestions of making folders and rules and setting up Outlook backup. Over the course of a month I tweaked my rules, mostly because about 20% of my ezines are monthly and I got one here and there that needed to be added to a rule. Archiving is set for a month out so I am confident that action will further clear my folders. As of this week the emails I have received in my inbox are marginal and I am OK with the fact that I don’t have to read everything (i.e.: coupons, etc.).

Knowing that my email is managed in my Outlook client I am also able to bulk erase emails on my BlackBerry without having to sync which ones I want to keep one-by-one!

Thank you for saving my sanity and help tame my inbox!

Also, many other participants are using your suggestions – I have seen many use eom and nrn.”

Thank you again.
~ David