The Cost of Disorganization

Can You Afford to be Disorganized?

cost of disorganizationDid you know that there is a cost to disorganization? Well there is and you won’t believe where those hidden costs are!

Ann Michael will take a look at how disorganization – paper, email, electronic clutter, interruptions, poor time management, filing cabinets and more – negatively impact your bottom line. You know that you are wasting time looking for information, be it paper or electronic information. You know that email as a productivity tool often times seems counterproductive. In terms of salary, time wasted looking for information is a poor investment. The same holds true for capital expenditures, from filing cabinets to file servers and more.

Isn’t it time to step back and take a look at the true cost of disorganization so that you can put together a strategy that will positively impact your bottom line instead of drain it?

You already know from an emotional standpoint how disorganization is impacting you and your business, now let’s take a look at it from a dollars and cents perspective.

Format: This workshop is available in-person or virtually via teleclass or webinar as:

  • an in-house presentation for a team or department meeting,
  • a professional conference breakout session
  • a professional development opportunity for your local, national, or international association or civic group

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