The GO System

GO stands for Get Organized! The GO System is a proven step-by-step course that helps individuals become more focused, organized and productive.

The GO SystemThe course addresses seven major issues that help significantly improve workplace results:

  • Establishing strong foundational habits
  • Processing incoming items
  • Prioritizing
  • Using time rationally
  • Effectively managing projects
  • Understanding personality issues
  • Understanding psychological issues

The course objectives include:

  • Help individuals get more focused, organized and productive
  • Help individuals gain more control over their workday
  • Provide quick relief from workplace-related stress and frustration
  • Help individuals learn ways to get more done
  • Help individuals learn how to focus on your most important priorities
  • Help individuals create a more balanced life

The GO System course is a collection of individual yet highly correlated learning segments including:

  • Workplace productivity illusions
  • Mastering mindful multitasking
  • Conquering mental and physical clutter
  • Simplified prioritizing
  • Strategies for accepting the inflexibility of time
  • Avoiding avoidance strategies
  • People, personalities and productivity
  • Self-defeating behavior influences
  • and more

The time is now! Don’t procrastinate any longer – you can’t afford to. For individuals interested in our next GO System workshop, we have a variety of options. Ready to schedule a GO Workshop for your team? Wonderful, let’s make that happen.

Format: This workshop is available in-person or virtually via webinar as:

  • an in-house presentation for a team or department meeting,
  • a professional conference breakout session
  • a professional development opportunity for your local, national, or international association or civic group

“As a working mother, I was always looking for organizational systems that would help me in life. As I moved up the career ladder, I felt burdened by the piles of materials placed on every surface, including the floor. I told myself I knew exactly where things were but often spent valuable time looking for a document or reference materials. Over the years, I’ve tried different organizational methods without success.

Now that I have been using the GO system for 6 months, I can honestly say that I am truly in control of my work documents. Now, it is a pleasure walking into my office and not seeing piles of papers everywhere. I am no longer jealous of people with neat and organized offices. Instead, I feel empowered to tackle my workload knowing I can file and find any item I will need as well as plan my daily, weekly and monthly projects using the tickler system.

The GO system has changed the way I manage everything at work.

~ Linda Bryant

A word from Mise En Place Founder Ann Michael Henry about
The GO System:
As a certified GO System instructor, I have been teaching this class for several years now. I can unequivocally state that this is an incredibly powerful and impactful workshop. Attendees are challenged to explore and examine topics that most never realized were associated with their inability to get organized.The GO System is built on the fact that you can not manage time and gives you the tools and insight to manage what you can manage, your workload. I particularly enjoy that each attendee can apply the various strategies according to what their needs are – there is no “one size fits all” philosophy here.For individuals, this workshop is a great place to get started.For groups, The GO System provides a common framework and language to build an organized, supportive and productive work environment. Imagine… having clear priorities and then completing top priorities on time.Imagine… contending with fewer interruptions. Imagine… reducing frustration when problems arise. Imagine… less stress. Imagine… better work/live balance. Well, stop imagining and schedule a GO System workshop for your team.

“I can’t tell you how much this has helped. My office is now organized and neat. You should see the difference from when you saw it during our training. My supervisor has made nice comments as well as most people who stop in. I am getting tasks and projects done on time and prioritizing work as needed. This has made such a positive impact on my workflow. I am way less stressed and happier as well! Seriously. Not kidding. It’s great!! Thank you so much for presenting the GO SYSTEM!!”

~ TB, Administrative Assistant


I started this last week and am already feeling the difference in my approach to my paperwork, daily workflow and overall organization. I think much more clearly with a clean desk than the cluttered version it had become!

I look forward to continuing to implement new strategies once I have had some time working with the Tickler System.

In my previous roles I have always considered myself to be very organized. When I moved into a managerial/administrative role last year, I quickly found that my old strategies did not fit my new role and with time, lost control. I just needed guidance to find those strategies and give me that push to regain control.”

Best regards,

Melissa Allen
Supervisor, Point of Care Testing

“This system is great. I have the freedom to go above and beyond the paper and give myself and my employer 100% of my time dedicated to creative thinking and problem solving.

I know the productivity this will allow me is yet to be seen but I a can tell it will be a key element in keeping me up to date, informed and valuable.

Personally it takes the stress level down and I truly value this system.

Thank you Ann it has been a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait for more training.”

~ Char

“You are an efficient trainer and your material is remarkable. The tickler system has worked phenomenal for me; my desk is neater, I know where everything is and what assignments need to be completed. In short: It works! What a great feeling to be caught up!

Your weekly tips will be highly valued. Thank you so much for your ‘awesomeness’!”


Janet Gómez ~ City of Rochester