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Tired of your house not feeling like a home? Frustrated with the clutter and disorganization? See how to make a change.
Working in the same space you are living in can be challenging. See how we can help ...Read More
Have you ever felt that you needed your very own air traffic controller to manage the inbound and outbound activities of your family life? We can help you make the changes you need.
You’ve decided to sell your home and now your probably thinking “there is so much to get done, how will I ever do it?” Getting organized becomes a top priority....

Taking care of family – isn’t that why we do what we do? Isn’t that why we have a career and demands of a job, to provide for our family? Isn’t that why we support our children and all of their interests, whether it’s school, sports, music, art or volunteer activities? Isn’t that why we own a house, to provide a place of calm and comfort – a home for our families? We do what we do for our family.

Then why do we feel so crazed and possessed? Why is it so hard to manage a successful career, our home and our family life? Logically, it seems like we should be able to juggle this and even the needs of our aging parents. Instead we are learning that it is easier said than done.

Mise En Place will help you turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of. How many times have you said “I just want to get organized” or “Why can’t I get organized” or “This house is a mess, why can’t I keep it organized”? Well you aren’t alone! Our residential services will teach you how to organize and de-clutter, how to stay there and how to maintain calm in your life.

Mise En Place will help you turn your house into the home you've always dreamed of. Unlike the many ‘tips’ you see out there, Mise En Place personalizes the experience for you. Our professionally trained staff will not give you any “Top 5′ or ‘Top 10’ tips on how to organize a part of your life – that’s not our style. While these lists may provide some viewing pleasure (go ahead and Google them!), they are not helpful or practical… or we’d all be organized. We work with you to discover what your individual and family needs are so that the right solution can be put in place. Just because your mom or best friend does something one way, doesn’t mean it will work for you. And you know what? That’s okay!

Several years ago while attending a cooking class, I met a woman who is an interior decorator. We spent most of the evening chatting and I shared with her that I had always dreamed of working with an interior decorator since my sense of color and coordinating textures was poor at best. Yet my perception was that working with an interior decorator would be too costly. I was fascinated by her sage response: “You wouldn’t think to fill your own cavities, you would go to a dentist. If the transmission on your car goes, you head to the mechanic. Most people don’t cut their own hair, they go to the salon.” Her point being that when you need help for a problem you turn to the expert. It may be short-term or long-term help, either way it should be the help you need to make the changes that you would like to make.

At Mise En Place, our goal is to work with you to reduce your stress, calm the chaos and turn your house into your home. We offer a variety of services designed to support various stages of life:

Isn’t it time to turn your house into your home? Mise En Place can help! Call us at 585-924-8470 and let’s get started.