Mise En Place imeans "putting or placing in place".Mise En Place is a term used by executive chefs. It’s literal translation means “putting or placing in place”. Chopping, cutting, dicing… It’s the behind the scenes preparation in restaurants long before anyone walks in. So what does a cooking term have to do with getting organized? We take this same principle and apply it to the workplace.

Ann Michael Henry, Founder of Mise En Place, is inspired by different chefs’ ability to work with the same ingredients and produce a delicious meal that is uniquely theirs. We create the same results at work. The gap between the ingredients or task and the final dish or results is where the team at Mise En Place focuses.

Are the individuals on your team using the right techniques, the right tools, the right processes? Are things like an overloaded email inbox causing delays? Does an ineffective filing system – stacking, stuffing and spreading – cause way to many “I’ll find it…just give me a minute” moments? Are their work habits supporting their efforts or thwarting them? You may even notice that members of your team are stressed, tired, and burning out. Can you afford to let that happen?

At Mise En Place we focus on workload management – the part of your job you can control. We challenge you and your team to take a hard look at how your are processing your workload. We may suggest small tweaks or encourage you to overhaul entire systems. The key to success is the ability to customize solutions to meet the individual work styles, responsibilities, and deliverables of your most important assets… your employees.