About Ann Michael Henry

Ann Michael Henry

Life happens, you do your best – it’s not about getting things perfect, it’s about doing your best. Ann Michael Henry, the Founder of Mise En Place is an accomplished organizer with over 10 years of professional organizing experience. She has topnotch organizing skills and an understanding demeanor. Ann Michael is well educated and well versed in the needs of busy professionals and families bringing proprietary to every project.

As the daughter of a perfectionist and a mother who’s favorite saying was “the first hundred years are the hardest”, Ann Michael has learned a few things along the way. First, there is no such thing as perfect. Second, striving for perfection causes more pain than pleasure. Third, what’s works for one family in all probability won’t work for another. Lastly, since most of us won’t make it to the ripe old age of 100, let’s make life easier now!

Throughout her life and career, Ann Michael has been pulled in many different directions. Between taking care of her kids, maintaining a functional household, trying to stay connected with her partner, and taking care of her elderly parents. There were times when she couldn’t find the time to make a grocery list, let alone do the shopping. Raised to be a responsible citizen, Ann Michael understands what it means to do your job – or whatever combination of factors define your life. At the same time, Ann Michael loves to play. After all, isn’t that why we work, so we can afford to play?

Ann Michael has been extremely successful at maintaining her career as well as a happy family. Here are a few life experiences Ann Michael would like to share with you.

  • Ann Michael transitioned from Sales Manger, managing a team of 10 that sold to the financial market in New York, Philadelphia and Boston… to being a stay at home mom. One day she was managing one of the fastest growing, most profitable sales teams in her organization. The next day, she had to give complete control in her life to her her first born child. Early on in this motherhood adventure, it was a good day when she got in the shower and a great day when she had that shower and was able to fix dinner too!
  • A proud card-carrying member of the Sandwich Generation, Ann Michael has experienced the rite of passage that so many of us dread. She always told her mother that she had better outlive her father because she would be challenged to deal with his difficult personality. Sadly, that was not the case. When her mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer she was juggling two young children and her new business. Yet, Ann Michael made nearly daily trips two and a half hours away to visit her dying mother and tend to her stubborn and chronically ill father.
    Eventually, after moving her mother to hospice care and her dad to an assisted living community closer to her family, things calmed down for a bit. Upon the passing of her mother, her dad’s stubbornness kicked into high gear. He subsequently moved back home to an independent living community for several months, then to an assisted living home where he was kicked out after one month (the owner commented “I’ve never met a more arrogant, selfish individual in my life”) and eventually landed in a nursing home – exactly where he didn’t want to be. Oh, and let’s not forget that their home needed to be dealt with…long distance…
  • Then there was the time that her son (at the ripe old age of 7) spent six days in the hospital as doctors tried to figure out what to do about the intense pain he was experiencing after vomiting for five days. It turned out that he needed to have his gallbladder removed. At the same time, the family dog was ill, the rabbit had surgery and the youngest child was having a meltdown because mommy wasn’t home. About six weeks after nursing everyone back to health and restoring calm to the household, Ann Michael developed an itchy rash on her upper thigh and stomach. Thinking it may be poison ivy, her precious son (that she had tended to for weeks) looked at her and said “yeah mom, it’s not like your belly drags on the ground”! It turned out she had Shingles.

Ann Michael brings these experiences and more with her to Mise En Place. It was these personal experiences, and others like it, that inspired Ann Michael to help others by doing what she does best – organizing. When not organizing, Ann Michael finds every opportunity she can to be out side – walking, cycling, skiing and kayaking – she enjoys being physically active. Her two children and husband keep her busy and provide comic relief. Cooking is her passion and is proud that their children from very young ages share this same passion and couldn’t stand fast food restaurants. As long as there is garlic, something spicy, good wine and chocolate, life is good!