Family Services

At Mise En Place, we are pleased to offer you a variety of services that will help you get organized…once and for all! We are all busy, yet do we always need to feel so crazed and possessed? At Mise En Place, we don’t think so. To help you calm the chaos of family life we have designed three programs that will do just that:

Family Command Center

Establish your family command centerDesigned to get everyone on the same page. Know who needs to be where when and how they are going to get there, what they need to bring, now long they will be gone… You get the picture. See the details…

Headquarters for the Home

There is more to managing a home than managing the people who live there. Gone are the days of paying a couple of bills once month and having a folder or two of important papers. The business of life has become a tad more complicated and that is where we come in. Life throws us curve balls, on this you can count on – so be prepared. Let’s get started…

From House to Home

With so much going on is it any surprise that you have a pretty big list of things to do around that house that you just can’t seem to get to? And this doesn’t even include the “honey-do” list! Whether it’s closets, basements, family rooms or just about any area of the house, working with a Mise En Place Professional Organizer may be just the extra hand you need. Short or long-term projects or anything in between, our team is ready to help you turn your house into a home. Read more…

“I have worked with Ann Michael on several projects. She has always shown the highest level of professionalism. Her ability to take in information and then come back with solid ideas, processes, and recommendations to fit the need at hand is very impressive. She practices what she teaches and it shows—always organized, well versed in the topic and productive in time used. I couldn’t be happier knowing her and working with her!”
~ Karin Schaff Glazier