Family Assessment Score Analysis 81-105

Thank you for filling out the Family Assessment and for taking the time to reflect on the issues and areas that are causing disorganization for you at at home and in your personal life.

First, stop feeling guilty…life happens. Whether you’re okay with your score (it really isn’t bad) or you are troubled by it, it is time to stop feeling guilty. There are much better ways to use your energy! Plus, anyone that scores a 15, please send me your resume as you never know when we may be adding to our team! Now that you’ve taken the first step…wasn’t that easy…let’s continue with your momentum. Based on your results, Mise En Place recommends the following next steps:

Score: 81 – 105:

Way to go!Congratulations! Your family is doing a great job so don’t be too hard on yourself or on them. Remember, being organized and productive isn’t about being perfect, being in total control, or micro-managing. Chances are you or various family members may need to tweak a few things here and there. Remember, not every solution works for everyone. It’s okay that different family members accomplish objectives in different ways. The key is finding individual solutions for specific issues.

A From House to Home Professional Organizing session is just what you need. During our time together – either in person or virtually – we will discuss your “hot spots” and share ways to tweak how things work. Schedule your session now.