Home Office Services

Working from your home office.Millions of people around the world work from home now. Yet, millions of people struggle with getting that home office to work for them. How do you effectively balance being in your home environment while trying to get your work done? What happens when the home office doubles as an office for your family? How do you prevent the co-mingling of these two worlds?

Working From Your Home Office

Create the work environment that is going to support your work goals and objectives, your career and reason you have chosen to work from home. The setting for a prosperous work environment is really irrelevant – it can be an office space or a home office. What is important is that you have the processes, systems and tools to get your job done and still have time for life. Read more…

Digital Detox

Details coming soon!

“Thanks, Ann Michael, for the e-zine! I find them short, sweet and effective! I also read your ‘chapter’ in a book in the RWN meeting room and found it insightful and inspirational. Since meeting you, I have purged huge areas in my home and really, without all that clutter, I am more at peace! I’ve also found some cash and found some items that I was going to re-buy because either I didn’t know I had them or couldn’t find them…”

~ Thanks! Cynthia