Working From Your Home Office

Working in the same space you are living in can be challenging. Whether you are a remote employee for a company, occasionally tele-commuting or running a business from your home, having a workplace environment that supports your goals and objectives is essential to your success. Look around – is your office supporting your efforts or is it tripping you up? Your job, career and livelihood depend on being organized and productive no matter the location…your success depends on it.

Imagine a home office:

  • Working productively in your home office.That works for work!
  • Is designed to give you clarity on your priorities
  • Gives you the ability to tackle priorities in an effective, timely fashion
  • Supports your ability to handle incoming items with ease
  • Where you can find the paper documents you need – no more stacking, stuffing and spreading!
  • That is a distinct space for work that isn’t co-mingled with personal or family matters
  • That eliminates distractions

Supplies include:

  • Paper Management System
  • Hanging Files with Tabs & Inserts
  • Manila Folders
  • Tickler File System
  • Document Retention Guidelines

Getting your home office organized will get you out of that administrivia mire that you continually wade through. Imagine being able to tackle your top priority and stay focused on it. Imagine a workspace that supports you, your goals and objectives and your career. Imagine really achieving that home/work/life balance – after all isn’t that why you work from home? Stop imagining and start living it.

Mise En Place is pleased to offer both in-person and virtual Working From Your Home Office options:

Working From Your Home Office In-person: A Mise En Place Professional Organizer will work with you in your office. Please note, additional travel charges such as air fare, lodging and meals may also apply.

  • 8-hour in-person one-on-one session.
  • 4-hour in-person one-on-one session

Working From Your Home Office Virtual Format: Using Skype or Facebook video for our private one-on-one session, we can support your organizing efforts anywhere in the world.

  • 8-hour virtual one-on-one session.
  • 4-hour virtual one-on-one session

Isn’t it time to create a work environment that works for you? Contact us to reserve your appointment. Still not sure or have questions? Call us at 585-924-8470. We look forward to working with you.