Moving & Relocation Services

Moving and relocaiton services.At Mise En Place we help you ease into the next exciting chapter of your life with confidence and calm. Whether it’s getting ready to sell, up-sizing, down-sizing or relocating from a different part of the country, let us help you make this life change a less stressful one. With more than 10 years of experience organizing busy, overloaded, overwhelmed people – and who doesn’t feel that way during a move – the professional organizers at Mise En Place will help you with your move and get you settled in so that you can have time for life!

Getting Ready to Sell

You’ve decided to move, now you need to get ready for that big event. Whether it’s a bit of de-cluttering or a major clean-out as you prepare, the professional organizers at Mise En Place will work with you to make this move as easy and stress free as possible. Let’s get started…

Senior Downsizing & Move Services

Like it or not, there comes a time for most of us when our home is just too much for us to handle. Chances are you recognize that yet the hard part is dealing with what it will take to downsize. There is a lot to be done, sorting, packing, donating, coordinating – it’s exhausting just thinking about it. That’s where the professional organizing team from Mise En Place comes in. We can help with all of that and more. Read more…

Move-In Services

The movers have arrived. The truck is unloaded. There are boxes everywhere and no time to deal with them. It’s off to your new job in the morning and you can’t even find your clothes let alone fix dinner. You look around your new home and think “what have I done?” Relax! The Professional Organizers at Mise En Place will get you unpacked and settled in so that you can carry on with life as you know it. We’ll turn your house into your home. Take a look…

“ I was one of Ann Michael’s first customers as she was starting her business. I found her suggestions very helpful, and still keep them in mind when we are cleaning up an area that has gotten out of control.”
~ Julia Deal