Move In Services

We offer Move In Services.Whether across town or across the country, you are about to move into your new home. Yet, when will you find the time to actually get totally unpacked and turn this house into your home? There is your job, getting the children settled into school and their after school activities and commitments, signing up for the local health club (and then finding the time to actually use it) and just getting groceries in the house might be enough to make your head spin.

Why wait weeks to get settled when the team from Mise En Place can do it in a day or two or three. We’ll get you unpacked and set up so that your new house quickly becomes your home. From a complete home organization to just getting a few rooms ready to go, the choice is yours:

  • Function first – unpacking and organizing the essential-to-you items
  • Organize kitchen cabinets, drawers and counter tops
  • Clean and line cupboards
  • Wash kitchen items (dishes, glassware, utensils, etc.)
  • Beds made and bedrooms set up
  • Linen closet items put away
  • Closets set up
  • Arrange china cabinets, curio items and built in cabinets
  • Placement of knickknacks and personal items

It all boils down to where you want to spend your time. You could spend hours, weeks or even months gradually unpacking while juggling the rest of your life trying to get it all done. Or you could save time and frustration and let the professionals at Mise En Place help you unpack, settle in and begin living in your new home.

To schedule your Move in Services time with a Mise En Place Professional Organizer, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 business hours to coordinate calendars. We look forward to getting you settled into your new home. If you have questions, please call us at 585-924-8470.