Multitasking is Counter-Productive

I personally don’t need a whole bunch of research to tell me that multitasking isn’t good. I admit, occasionally I get caught up juggling several tasks at the same time. Invariably, and rather quickly, my world begins to resemble a multiple car chain Multitasking is Counter Productivereaction on the local expressway – a tangled mess with debris scattered everywhere. Certainly not what I was hoping to accomplish. This self-induced chaotic state is followed by a grunt of frustration, a deep sigh and a complete halt of activity so that I can assess the situation. Then, as I should have done to begin with, I work one thing at a time. This is why I don’t need research tell me that multitasking isn’t a good thing. Yet, multitasking is a sought after skill, one that Hewlett Packard, has discovered reduces workers’ short-term memory and intelligence by as much as 10 IQ points.

I don’t know about you, but I could definitely use those 10 IQ points! When I’m trying to do too much at once I can feel the lack of clarity, things start slipping away. What about you? Knowing that multitasking is counter-productive, why do you continue to attempt to master this elusive skill?

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