Out of Control Email Impacts Your Productivity!

Not long ago I met a someone who had over 20,000 emails in their in-box! When I asked why, there wasn’t a reason. Rather, it simply was lack of time. They received too many e-mails. They felt compelled to hold on to everything as a “just in case”. The emails would get responded to but never deleted. The reasons for not deleting them went on and on.
Is your in-box overflowing too? Has your email become a digital dump site? Email is a great tool yet too many people are misusing it. Are you using your in-box as:

  • your to-do list?
  • a calendar?
  • a reference file?
  • to bookmark websites?
  • contact manager?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are misusing your e-mail in-box. And, when you misuse it what happens? You forget about things (once that e-mail scrolls down below the sight line, it is out-of-sight, out-of-mind time), it takes long to reply to an e-mail, it’s harder to find what you are looking for so that you can respond, it’s becoming more and more stressful to deal with and lastly, you run the risk of your e-mail crashing and loosing it all.

I don’t like to nag, really I don’t. But why do you continue to work with an overloaded, out-of-control, cluttered in-box?