Have you ever sent an email to the right person, but it went to the wrong e-mail address? Or perhaps you actually sent an e-mail to someone you didn’t intend to because Outlook tried to “help” you?

When you create a new e-mail note in Outlook and start typing the contact’s name or address, the program has a memory and tries to save you time by displaying names and email addresses with the characters you are typing.

For example, if you type an “H”, you will see in a drop-down window the contact names or e-mail addresses that begin with the letter “H”. This can be a huge time saver because you can easily select the name you would like to send an e-mail. However, it can also bite you in the backside if you don’t realize that the e-mail name you selected is outdated or the wrong one altogether.

Delete Bad Addresses in OutlookHere’s how to get rid of those unwanted e-mail addresses:

  • With Outlook open, click New to open a blank e-mail.
  • Start typing a name or e-mail address.
  • As the choices start to pop up, before you hit Enter to choose one, use your arrow key to go down to the address you would like to eliminate.
  • When the line is highlighted that you would like to get rid of, in Outlook 2010, click the “X” to the right of the e-mail address, or in earlier versions, hit the Delete key.

NOTE: These e-mail addresses may still be in your Address Book. Therefore, you will have to delete them from that location as well.