Managing the endless amounts of paper that flows in and out of our offices each day can be a very daunting, energy-consuming task – and it’s a waste of your time.

The key to an effective filing system is being able to retrieve a document when you need it. Our process helps individual professionals, entire teams, and departments effectively manage paper through its lifecycle.

We can help solve your paper issues, including:

  • Forgetting where you filed documents
  • Employees hoarding documents for fear they will be lost
  • Missing or lost files due to lack of file tracking system, “where did I file that?”
  • Inconsistent filing practices
  • Inability to find documents when the person who filed it is out of the office
  • Repeated work due to inability to find information
  • Creating consistent formats
  • Document retrieval
  • Duplication
  • Version control

“The help from Ann Michael Henry [Professional Organizer and Founder of Mise En Place] was invaluable. What she did for us was more than just clean out our files. She was able to successfully put us in control of our information instead of it controlling us. We are more productive and confident in the way we manage information today. A common filing system that accommodates our individual work styles and job responsibilities has had an incredible impact on our department.”

Patty Spinelli, (Retired) Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, Rochester Institute of Technology

Our recommendations will scale and grow to meet the changing compliance and general information management needs.

We ensure every member of your team can easily understand and use the filing system that makes organizing paperwork easier and contributes to overall office organization.

Get back hours a day in time spent looking for missing documents and eliminated the financial and productivity drain it causes.