Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing MS365 Email on the Desktop App

Tired of being overwhelmed by your e-mail? Are you using your in-box as a “to-do list”, contact manager, calendar and filing cabinet? How many e-mails do you have in your in-box – 100…500…1,000…5,000 or more? If so, you aren’t alone! Join Ann Michael Henry, Workplace Productivity Strategist at Mise En Place, as she walks you through how to manage e-mail so that you can enjoy the benefits of this great tool. Learn how to control your e-mail so that it doesn’t control you!

We all know that email can be an excellent and necessary tool. But if not managed, it can significantly drain productivity. As you become distracted by messages piling up, you are more likely to lose track of important messages and fall further behind in your work. An inbox full of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of messages will render you increasingly ineffective in other areas as you spend more time “putting out fires” caused by the bulging inbox. The more e-mail piles up, the less useful it is to you, your clients, and your company.

In this course, you will learn to how to turn Outlook into the productivity tool it is designed to be. Specific tips, tools and techniques including how to:

  • Customize Outlook to suit your style
  • Clean out your in-box so that it is no longer bursting at the seams
  • Maintain a clean in-box
  • Automate emails and processes
  • Maximize the use of calendars
  • Effectively managing incoming and outgoing emails
  • Create shortcuts to reduce e-mail traffic
  • Easily organize emails that you receive and send
  • Schedule your e-mails – in-bound and out-bound
  • Archive information efficiently and reduce storage space needs
  • Set retention guidelines for the electronic files you have created

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  • Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing E-mail, a how-to tip sheet with step-by-step directions that accompany the video.