Did you know there are more ways to view your Outlook Calendar than the standard Day, Work Week, Week, Month views?

When you’re viewing your calendar, on the left-hand side listed are the current month and the next month – two months at a time. However to have more options:

  • Hover your mouse over the horizontal line below the lower calendar view until your cursor turns into a double arrow. Now, pull that line down to see an additional month.
  • And/or, hover your mouse over the vertical line between the calendar and month view, until the double arrow appears again and drag it to the right to see more columns of months.
  • These options give you the opportunity to view future dates at a glance.

calendar view

Additionally, you can make more changes to what you see in your calendar view besides the standard one day, one week, one month, etc. Let’s say you want to see two weeks at a time.
  • In the calendar view in the left panel, highlight the first week, hold down the Shift key and highlight the second week.
  • Now in your full calendar view there will be two weeks displayed.
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