Constantly running searches in Outlook to find emails from your boss, a client, or a project?

Using Search Folders is a great time-saving tip. Search Folders gives you the ability to view all emails that match a specific search criterion in one folder, for example, all emails from your boss, a client or a colleague. When you click on that folder, you will see messages that might have been saved in different folders across your entire mailbox. The emails remain in their respective folders, yet the search results are perpetual, the newest email is always included in the “Boss” search folder.

Let’s take a look at how to set this up.

  • Outlook search folderFirst, in the left folder pane of your email window in Outlook, scroll all the way to the bottom to find the title “Search Folders.”
  • Right-click on top of it and choose to create a New Search Folder.
  • We’re going to create a “canned” or comprehensive search of all emails from one person so that we can view them all at once – no matter if they are in the Inbox, Sent items or any one of the category folders.
  • So in the New Search Folder window, under Mail from People and Lists, select Mail from and to specific people.
  • Then click the Choose button at the bottom of the window to open up are address book and select a person or type in the email box in the From or Sent to box.

  • Once you click OK, a new Search folder will appear in your folder list. It will populate with all of the emails To/From that person. Remember, it doesn’t move the emails, it just creates an automatic search for you!
  • You can right-click on the folder name and Rename it.
  • If you want to move the folder to the top of the list, just right-click and choose Favorites.
  • If you find that you don’t need the folder any longer, right-click on top of it and choose to Delete Folder (it won’t delete the contents if you choose “Folder.)