Here are two ways to use PDFs that you might not know about. Give them a try!

1. Share Only Certain Pages of a PDF

Did you know that you can share only certain pages of a PDF with someone else easily? Maybe you only want to give certain pages to a colleague from a document (like pages 1-8, 11 and 20 – but not the other pages). You can pick only a few pages to share using the Print function (but without actually printing the document). This works in programs like Outlook, Gmail, etc.

  • print pdfWith a PDF open, go to File, then Print (or just Print if you’re in Gmail).
  • Change the Printer or Destination from your printer to Save to PDF (or the equivalent option).
  • Under Settings, find the option to select Pages and choose Custom (or Custom Print).
  • Now type in the pages that you want to share. It could be a range like 1-4, or a list of pages like 4, 6, 11 – or a combination of both, 1-4, 6, 11, 22.
  • Then hit the Print button and select a file folder location to save the new PDF file.

This doesn’t print the document but creates a new custom PDF with the pages that you have selected.


2. Use the “Print” option in an Email to Save as a PDF

When you receive an email that you want to save, you don’t have to leave it in your Inbox. You can save it as a PDF and file it in a folder for reference later. You use the “Print” option, but don’t actually print it, but save it as a PDF. Here’s how:

  • With the email open, go to File and Print (or just click the Print icon in Gmail).
  • Under Printer (or Destination), instead of selecting your physical printer, choose Save to PDF (or the equivalent PDF option).
  • Then hit the Print button and select a file folder location to save the email (saved as a PDF).

print to pdf