The Quick Access Toolbar gives you the ability to customize Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with your most frequently used features, options, and commands in one place without bouncing from ribbon to ribbon.

The Quick Access Toolbar can look different in each Microsoft tool, based on how you use that program. This feature is a great way to tailor Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, to improve productivity and ease of use.

Let’s customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Word, but these instructions work for the other Microsoft Office platforms as well.

The default toolbar has icons to Save, Print, Undo, etc… in the upper left side of the program. You can customize what you would like to show so that your favorite shortcuts are visible.

quick access toolbar

  • Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the icons and you will see a number of different options to add.
  • Just click on any of the choices to add them, or for items with checkmarks that you want to remove, click to delete.

add or delete quick commands

  • If you don’t see a shortcut that you would like to add, from the drop-down, click on More Commands.
  • The Word options window will open with additional commands. In the window, the left column shows all options and on the right are listed the commands that you have already added to your Quick Access toolbar.
  • In the left column at the top, change the drop-down option to All Commands to see all options.
  • Scroll through the alphabetical list to find the options you want. Highlight it and click the Add button in the middle of the two columns to add this option to your Quick Access Toolbar.
  • When finished, click OK.