Working with people in multiple time zones? This is a great way to see up to 3 time zones on your calendar so that scheduling is tons easier.

  • Go to your Outlook desktop calendar in the Day or Week view, and in the column that shows the time, right-click and choose Change Time Zones.

choose time zone

  • In the window that opens, in the Time Zones section, you can add up to two more Time Zones to your calendar.
  • As in the image below, we added a second time zone, labeled it “DD” based on a team member’s location and chose the Central Time zone.

Add time Zone

  • Now that Time Zone is added to the calendar so that you can see what time you’re in vs. the other zone set up.

time zone

Another way to see the different Time Zones is when you’re scheduling a meeting or appointment.

  • Open a new Meeting.
  • Next to the Date and Time, check the Time Zone box.
  • Now you can use the drop-down box window and select from the whole list of Zones in the world.
  • Now when you view the meeting on your calendar you can see it in both zones.