At the risk of sounding like a Mom, I’m going to tell you to “use your words” when you set a meeting or appointment on your Outlook calendar. You can use “Natural Language” to set dates on your calendar.

meeting timeSay you’re viewing a new calendar appointment and you want to schedule a meeting 5 weeks from today. Instead of counting out the weeks on your calendar…

  • In a new meeting, in the “Start Time” field, just type in: in 5 weeks
  • And push Enter.
  • Outlook will calculate the date and enter it for you.

Another way to use this shortcut is to choose the date by the time of the month. For example, you could type in options like:

  • the 2nd Tuesday in November
  • the last Friday in May
  • Say a holiday: Valentine’s day

Try one of these shortcuts next time you schedule a meeting!