Productivity Tour

In March of this year Mise En Place celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary and so I invite you on an anniversary tour of our new website! To all who have made the past 10 years so wonderful, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let’s start the tour begin with a retrospective:

  • New MEP websiteToo often we think about all of the things that we don’t get done. While redoing the website I had the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the past ten years, thanks in part to to all of you. See what’s happened and maybe learn a little more about me.
  • There is a new look and feel to the website along with a new navigation bar and social media elements. Check out our homepage to see what’s new.
  • Recently a long time partner said to me “I didn’t know that you did that”. Chances are, she isn’t alone. Find out what it means when we say “We improve productivity and organization in the workplace”. You might be surprised.
  • We are pleased to offer you a variety of services that will help you get organized…once and for all! Whether you’re a busy individual, or you’re in charge of a large workgroup or organization, we can help. You can tackle one area at a time or you can do a total reset, the choice is yours.
  • Mise En Place offers a variety of learning opportunities to support you as you customize your organization and productivity solution. These learning opportunities are available in a variety of styles including in-person group sessions, teleconference or video conference formats.
  • You recognize that you need help with your disorganization yet you’re not quite sure where to start? Try one of our assessments!
  • Like to read books on getting organized and improving your productivity. We have some recommendations for you!
  • Looking for tips and articles to improve productivity and effectively deal with your disorganization. Check out our brand new blog!
  • Like what you see and what to share what you’ve found? The site now offers the opportunity to share information on LinkedIn, Facebook or any number of social media sites. Share the Knowledge links can be found on most pages!

I hope that you have enjoyed the tour! Please take a moment to share your comments – we so appreciate your feedback and support. The past 10 years could not have happened without you and for that I am so grateful.