Recover an Unsaved Word 2010 Document

Have you ever closed a Word document too fast — without saving it first? Even when you think Word has not saved your file, it has!

recover_unsaved_docYou’ve probably experienced a time when Word freezes up and closes down when you are in the middle of working on something. But when you open the software again, there’s a Document Recovery window so that you can access files you had open. This is a little different.

Word 2010 has a new feature for files that you may have closed without saving, even closed on purpose, and then you decide you really need the file!

To retrieve unsaved Word files, go up to File, and in the Info section, click on the Manage Versions option. Select Recover Unsaved Documents. Presto! There are your unsaved files!

Word has magically kept a copy of your drafts. All you have to do is select the file name you would like to view and then click the Open button. The document will open as a “Recovered Unsaved File”. Click the Save As button to be sure to keep the file for future use.